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This list should be frequently updated. Anyway, check my profile if you think that something is missing.

This tutorial could be also called “Python for Control Systems Simulations”. Here I cover the simulations with Scipy and Numpy (mainly) and several related topics. From Matlab-like scripts, to an Object Oriented Simulator.

  1. Setting Up Simulations
  2. Testing C/C++ Controllers
  3. Object Oriented Simulator
  4. Sockets with Python and C
  5. Transfer Functions I: Introduction
  6. Transfer Functions II: System Identification
  7. Transfer Functions III: Multivariable Systems (in progress)
  8. Discrete Events during Simulations

Also, here you have the Github repository where I have all the code uploaded, for free.

I am from Cádiz and I love it, thus I decided to write posts from time to time to share some of the wonders that you can find in here. Take a look, I have some good snaps.

  1. Marambay (Cádiz bay center)
  2. Tarifa seafloor
  3. Camposoto hidden path

This is all for now.

Un abrazo y hasta la próxima — Juan.

Andalusian Robotics Engineer and SCUBA Diver who loves to learn stuff, to build artifacts and to experience nice things.

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